We are not Big.

We are not the First.

But we always gife our Best to customer.

Our services


“We are not big, we are not the first, but we always give our best to customer” as IT consultant company we’re give consultation & also we provide solution for every single problem, we can build renew or fix all the problem you have.


Ecommerce application

Can you imagine work from home, make money without going to office you ride your own bussiness by your way? you become the boss. That’s how eccommer work you do need go to office to work all you need just working from your laptop or even phone to running your own bussiness, we here you make that dream come true.


Web development

We offering web development service starting from IDR 300k for every customer we have, thoose service including maintenance for the website. So what are you waiting for? just contact us right now and lets your bussiner grow faster.


Software development

As we know, now we live in digital age every body using mobile, laptop, tablet etc. So we here to help people how wanna make their bussines running smoothly and easy by developing / implementation software to monitoring their bussiness, so lets talk wiht us

Our stunning work

kec setu

Kec Setu Tangerang

We build a portal web for Kecamatan Setu in south Tangerang, the south Tangerang government hope this portal can help their people to know how good the government work for their region. And also its will be make people in south Tangerang more easy to know about news in their region and law rule, well this very helpful portal to accommodate people aspiration because people can do asking, complain etc directly from portal 24/7 and their message will be always received by south Tangerang without delay and it will be real time.


The Agathon

The Agathon is the company profile based on WP engine, we build simple nice template and couple custom plugin to make our client happy,
this web builded by 2 designers, 2 programmers, 1 QA if you ask why we need big time for build just a company profile web, our answer is “Because 2 is better than 1″ so¬† many people can make project look good and we can check every detail of our work.


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  • Find Us : Jl Bonjol No 72 B Bintaro Sektor 3A Pondok Karya Tangerang Banten 15225
  • Phone: 081284906059
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